Upgraded from OfficeScan 8.0 to 10.5… Now how do I login?

After a seamless upgrade from OfficeScan8.0 to the latest version 10.5, I was anxious to log into the web console and check things out. Unfortunately the first thing i noticed was the console was asking for a user name. From memory the web console on version 8.0 never asked for a user name, I’m sure I used to only provide a password. Taking a punt I tried just the password, no dice.

Several user name and password combinations later I gave up and tried referring to the trend microknowledge base for an answer.  I didn’t find anything. So out of desperation I started reading the Installation and Upgrade Guide. Under the section administrator account password i found what I was after. “Setup creates a root account during installation.”

I tried logging in again this time with username root and bingo I was in. What did I learn from this experience? Firstly even though I did initially RTM I skipped the parts not pertaining to an upgrade. So always RTM thoroughly. I also learnt that Trend Micro’s root’s (no pun intended) are firmly planted in the Unix world.

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1 thought on “Upgraded from OfficeScan 8.0 to 10.5… Now how do I login?

  1. hey mate, thanks so much for this… I just had the same problem.. and was pulling my hair out…works now! nice work! 😀

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