What’s everybody tweeting? Twitter Translator – Google Chrome Extension

I’ve recently coded a new extension for Google Chrome called the Red Mars Twitter Translator. It allows you to translate foreign language tweets within your twitter stream. The reason I made this extension was due to the frustration of seeing tweets in another language and not knowing what they are saying.

Google Chrome will translate a page if it identifies the page as being in another language. The problem with this is it doesn’t work when the page is mixed language. i.e. 90% English and 10% Russian. Even if you do manage to group all of the Russian tweeters into a list Google will translate the page but as twitter is dynamically loaded the new tweets won’t be translated. To get around these limitations i created the  Twitter Translator extension. This extension adds a icon to each tweet. If the tweet is foreign language you click and it’s translated into your native language. Quick and Simple.

The default language is English, this can be changed in the options page. The Tools menu is where you can access the options page for extensions, or type chrome://extensions as your URL.

Here’s the project page and go here to install the extension.

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